Advanced solution for your business

Legal and business consulting
  • Complete research of potential partners
  • Due diligence
  • Full assistance in preparation and conclusion of commercial deals
  • Contracts:

          - Drafting all kinds of contracts,

          - Review and editing of draft contracts, provision of reasoned written statements on them,

          - Out-of-court settlements of disputes on signed contracts,

          - Assistance in termination and cancellation of existing contracts,

          - Legal defense in relation to the completion of signed contracts

  • Assistance in employment issues:

          - Drafting of individual collective contracts of employment, orders of the employer, protocols, decisions, etc.,

          - Consultations and drafting of documents on termination of labor relationships,

          - Consultations in relation to imposing of disciplinary punishment, dismissals, realization of property and disciplinary liability,

          - Consultation regarding the mandatory health and pension insurance,

          - Assistance when non-performance of a contract of employment occurs,

          - Assistance when unlawful termination of a contract of employment occurs

  • Assistance in realization of investment projects
  • Assistance in renting real estates for business and/or residence
  • Legal and business consulting
  • Business contacts and partnerships
Company establishment and company changes
Consultation on the choice of the most suitable jurisdiction and assistance in establishing or restructuring of commercial companies taking into consideration the specific requirements of the relevant business project.
Virtual office
Providing a business address in a prestigious office without renting space, as well as providing an opportunity for using all necessary office services accompanying the business.
Accounting services
Providing a full range of accounting services to local and international companies in accordance with the national and international accounting regulations which meet the specifics your business.
Administrative and legal services: Company representation
Company representation and full assistance before government authorities and institutions, banks, insurance companies. Consultation on preparing and submitting documents.